ITO and the Moonlight Hippies 

             An optimistic, uplifting, refreshing new sound armed with a ukulele, ITO and the Moonlight Hippies aims for your heart with their music. A four-piece gang of high-vibe brothers who have grown so much together and now offer that healing to you. These songs are from the experiences of Galen (ITO) as a young teenager seeking something different early on in life. As this seeking has gone deeper, so has the experiential sound of the band’s music.               Their self-proclaimed genre, “Spirit Jam”, has come due to the surplus of styles coming together from Medicine music to Jazz, from Pop to Reggae, from Ambience to Psychedelic Rock. With all of these influences, ITO and the Moonlight Hippies brings a message and a prayer to reintroduce a seemingly lost idea of living through love and harmony with this Earth and humanity. This starts with restoring that harmony inside of ourselves. Thats what this music is all about. Doing my inner work to start trusting the process of my own unique human experience. With that, we welcome you to the family…


© 2018 by Galen Deery