•ITO• and the Moonlight Hippies

•ITO• and the Moonlight Hippies are an original Psychedelic, Spirit Jam, Rock band out of Easton Pennsylvania. Formed in 2016 by Galen Deery (ukulele and vocals), his brother Simon Deery (bass), friend Michael Lear (drums) and childhood friend Will Coccia (Guitar), the four joined hands and hearts to carry out a vision of a unified humanity through love and music! By getting an early start in the world of music through the School of Rock program, this group of wild guys have been bringing a broad spectrum of influences to a convergence.


From A cappella sensation Bobby McFerrin, to 90s Alternative groups like Janes addiction, TOOL, and Incubus, to 60s Rock'n Roll bands such as Santana, Jimi Hendrix, and The Grateful Dead, to Modern Acoustic Folk acts like Trevor Hall, Tash Sultana, Nahko & Medicine for the People, and Rising Appalachia. As well as musical influences, using spiritual practices of yoga and meditation combined with eastern philosophies of Hinduism, Sufism, and mysticism, •ITO• and the Moonlight Hippies have taken a trajectory to make their musical experience one deeply rooted in community. They use sounds from India, Africa, and roots reggae, a variety of percussion, harmonium, didgeridoo, and mantra, mixed with rock riffs and funky bass lines. They hope to create a space for listeners to receive a sense of healing.


Over the summer of 2017 •ITO• and the Moonlight Hippies produced the first short album "Barefoot". Since the album release, the band has grown with wild energy and a strong connection between the four, and the music has taken a leap forward. Going from the east coast, all the way to the islands of Hawaii and many in between, they continue to spread the message of love. Playing festivals such as The Shangri-la Festival, Heartfire fest ft. Matisyahu, and Musikfest in Bethlehem PA. They are now in the final stages of releasing their first full length studio Album "Spirit of the Redwoods" for the fall of 2019.


The name •ITO• came from Galen's Grandfather who from birth has nicknamed him "Galenito" so they thought it fit well. It was then made into the acronym "I. Travel. Onward." This refers to us all starting in a different place but ending in the same. The journey we are all on together. Experiences, struggles, success, tragedy, bliss occurs. So we take it on and move forward growing, evolving, and progressing in ourselves. Traveling. The Moonlight Hippies comes from the darkness of night being pierced open by the powerful glow of the Moon. Allowing the space and time for struggle and suffering to take place but never allowing it too overpower us as we can all break through it together! With messages of love, the Moonlight Hippies come out. An explosive and original blend of all genres, inspired by a space deep in the Redwood forest. Powerful, conscious, uplifting lyrics driven by compassion, peace, and love of the human experience. Join us in creating a new community of heart seekers . Looking, and searching for the truth! Welcome home Y’all

•Galen Deery• Ukulele, Vocals

Starting as a drummer at age 7, Galen took to music right away. Picking up the ukulele at age 14 and never putting it down. Inspired by eastern philosophy and spiritual practice. He writes the songs with the intention to bring more love and unity to the world.

•Simon Deery• Bass

Starting on the electric bass at age 11, Simon quickly became fluent in genres like, funk, classical (upright), jazz, rock, and fusion styles. He brings a unique, and raw feel to the music that always leaves people questioning what kind of music it is that •ITO• actually plays. Simon continues to lay it down, phat, funky, and in the pocket.

•Michael Lear• Drums

Since his teenage years, Michael Lear has been holding the pulse for bands. With a background, of punk, dance, reggae and more, he offers a wide range of rhythms for ITO's sound. Micheal also has professional training in yogic techniques, and body healing practices which shows through the way he plays and the connection between band mates. 

•Will Coccia• Guitar

Will immediately became savvy with a guitar when he picked it up at age 14! He was enrolled in the youth program "School of Rock" where he was able to experience jamming on stages to crowds. Since then he's graduated from the Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Arts (LVPA) and is attending Moravian University. With a background/current style of Jazz, finger style, and hard rock, Will breaks the boundaries of sound with ripping solos and melodic necessities to carry the band further and further.

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