From the Redwood forests of Northern California, •ITO• brings a musical vibration of peace,  love,  and harmony to the stage. The four-piece consciousness based group, as well as the solo looping experience, combines eastern philosophy with psychedelic rock, folk, reggae, and soul to create a self-titled new genre: Spirit Jam. The first EP entitled "Barefoot" is a six song collection of softer songs released in the summer of 2017. Now, in the process of recording a full length album called "Spirit of the Redwoods", •ITO• plans to extend the vibration farther. This album will be an ode to lead singer, Galen Deery's, inspiration of the Redwood forest where most of the songs were written. The message love, harmony, and beauty is continually supported by meditation and mantric chanting practice.


and the

Moonlight Hippies

Peace and Love Still Exists


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